Cultural Values: Honoring our relationships with each other, the planet, and ourselves.

Earth Deeds is committed to being the change we wish to see in the world of embodying the following cultural values in our relationships with each other, the planet, and ourselves.

Sustainability (carbon consciousness, "walk our talk", small footprint)

  • Care intensely about Earth Deeds’ mission, vision, and success.
  • Educate oneself and others about climate change issues and solutions.
  • Walk our talk by measure, reduce, and respond to our office and programs' ecological impacts.
  • Use our L3C to maximize social and environmental benefits, not to maximize income.


Innovation (evolution, openness to change, love of learning, non-ego)

  • Embrace complexity and be open to new ideas and frames of reference.
  • Learn rapidly and eagerly.
  • Learn about and use the most helpful innovative sustainable business tools.


Accountability ("at source", solution-minded, integrity, responsibility, quality)

  • Focus on great results, solutions & root causes over process, problems, & symptoms.
  • Smartly prioritize what must be done well now, using metrics to track important results.
  • Keep commitments; explain when you can't.
  • Acknowledge mistakes and give and receive constructive and honest feedback.
  • Come prepared for meetings (e.g. with relevant notes, ideas, priorities, proposals).


Communication (honesty, reflection, respect, non-violent/mindful communication, conflict resolution)

  • Cultivate open & warm interpersonal relationships; face-to-face interactions when possible.
  • Value all voices and strive to make space for others to offer ideas and feedback.
  • Say what you think, even if it is controversial. Question actions inconsistent with our values.
  • Be concise and articulate in speech and writing.
  • Encourage transparency and humor (within reason).
  • Exhibit zero tolerance for undermining or back-stabbing.
  • Resolve conflicts directly & utilize third-party mediation when needed.


Support (mentorship, supervision, empowerment, growth, cooperation, collaboration, celebration, flexibility)

  • Treat people with respect, independent of their status or disagreement with you.
  • Inspire others and celebrate individual and collective “wins”.
  • Make time to help colleagues grow and improve in their professional work.
  • Share information openly and proactively.


Growth and Development (mindfulness, inner work)

  • Pursue holistic self development and support such development in others.
  • Consciously engage with difficulties through deep inquiry, reflection, and dialogue.
  • Engage in transformative practices that enhance inner awareness of shadow issues.
  • Have moments of silence and take personal space when needed.
  • Explore the unconventional and engage in cross-cultural experiences when available.


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