Earth Deeds
Local Solutions to Global Warming


Earth Deeds is moving beyond carbon offsetting by engaging groups as well as individuals to acknowledge their environmental impacts and support meaningful projects that build local community resilience and Carbon Consciousness.  Rather than “neutralizing” our environmental “sins”, Earth Deeds is saying, “Let’s be grateful for the Earth’s gifts – notably fossil fuels – and let’s ‘pay it forward’ in ways that have meaning to us and create a better world for ourselves and our children.”

Earth Deeds vision is to become a key leverage point in our planet’s “Great Turning” toward a more ecological age.  By measuring and accounting for our climate impacts, we can support and develop beneficial relationships with local sustainability projects and create healthy communities for our ourselves, our children, and all beings.

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Your contribution will help other group and individuals become Carbon Concious and funds projects working for a healthy planet.

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