How It Works

Getting Started - Team Leader Overview

1. Create the Team

The first step is to Create a Team to represent an event or activity with an environmental impact (a conference, group travel, a wedding, etc.).  Teams can be any size -- even one individual.  A unique page is generated for each team to track its emissions, project support, and other info based on Administrator options.

2. Select or Create Your Project(s)

Team Leaders &/or Members select (or create) one or more Projects to support that have meaning to them.  They can invite local Projects to Register or Explore >100,000 projects worldwide on our site. Projects offer updates on how they use donated funds and will be rated and reviewed by users over time.

3. Invite Team Members

You as the Team Master, will get an email with a link that you can forward or copy into the email to invite members on Earth Deeds Team Members Page to join and onset.

4. Measure and Onset

Members calculate their emissions related to this Team using our Carbon Emissions Calculator for travel. Members pays an amount calculated by the travel, or can enter any amount they wish to Onset. As Projects are not necessarily Offsetting CO2 emissions, we have created the term Onsetting to describe this process. Administrators can calculate and add collective emissions created by the group.

5. Teamfund

Earth Deeds transfer funds to Projects (sans a 15% transaction fee to cover operating costs, bank fees, etc).

8. Recognize and Promote

Teams members receive a Carbon Conscious Sticker (with minimum purchase) to be recognized for making a difference. The Team Master can also use the label to promote their Team throught their website, social media, etc.

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