Global Ecovillage Information Services
Ecovillage Transition Strategies for a Sustainable World


To provide a web platform to support communities and individuals to transition to low-carbon, sustainable lifestyles, by exchanging knowledge and experience.

In view of the alarming information currently available regarding climate change, there is a crucial need to promote of low-carbon sustainable life styles and practices based on effective tools and methods.

The Global Ecovillage Network wants to provide concrete examples of individuals and communities adopting solutions for radical reduction of carbon emissions, and for climate adaptation, in the social, economic, ecologic and cultural dimensions, contribute to create a positive outlook that inspire and motivate people to change their lifestyles.

Individuals are in different stages of transition, some are not even aware that something needs to be done, some are aware but don’t know what to do, some are already motivated and looking for projects they could engage in and some already belong to projects or communities that are already engaged in transitioning to a more adaptive and resilient lifestyle.

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