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David Adamson

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David’s lifelong professional mission is to help harmonize human activities with the natural world for the benefit of all life.

From 1992 to 2014 David led 3 green building product sales companies: EcoBuild Inc, a material broker, manufacturers representative and consulting firm, Planetary Solutions Inc. a retailer of environmentally less impactful interior finishes, and Eco-Products, a retailer of building materials). David also helped to establish Built Green, a home rating system of the Metro Denver Home Builders Association.

He is a former employee of environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy (development director 1987-1991), Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (founding executive director 1984-1987), the Keystone Science School (field instructor 1981-1984) and Outward Bound (assistant instructor, logistics person 1981).

He is currently deeply involved in helping people decarbonize homes, schools and neighborhoods as a path to a more joyful and connected life. He works primarily as a catalyst to build organizational capacity. Specifically, he helped to found Goose Creek Neighbors, an emerging place-based neighborhood group which among other activities is helping to guide the deep green redevelopment of the Boulder Creek Hospital site (8 acres, $41 million acquisition by City of Boulder underway). He manages the implementation of the Snugg Home Pilot, a trial of an energy efficiency modeling software which demonstrates the financial benefit of combining electric vehicles, solar electricity and deep energy retrofits on the residential level. He is active in broadening the use of the Boulder Valley School District’s innovative Trip Tracker program which rewards students’ use of alternative modes in getting to school.


BA (Cum Laude) Harvard University; Government

LEED accredited professional

Personal Interests

David lives with his wife and two sons in a “near-net zero impact” strawbale solar powered home/office in Boulder. He loves river running, hiking, biking, skiing, speaking French and (eternally) trying to speak Spanish.

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