Be a sustainability leader by engaging employees, customers, and clients in your CSR efforts.

Business have a huge role in fighting climate changes - as crucial links in the supply chain, drivers of research, and shaper of consumer choices.

  • Account for your unavoidable emissions and support solutions to climate change
  • Improve your triple bottom line
  • Engage and educate your employees in your CSR efforts
  • Build community goodwill and customer loyalty
  • Be a leader in sustainability and engage in innovative “best practices”

Earth Deeds helps businesses do all of these things through carbon onsetting. Instead of buying carbon offsets, which lack transparency, efficiency, or consumer confidence , we enable businesses to onset their emissions and support local solutions to global warming that are aligned with their mission.  Here’s how onsetting works. 

Create a “Team”: A Team is any size group connected through a common event or activity, such as staff travel or commuting, a product or service, or an annual conference.

Choose a Project: We can help you identify a local initiative to support based on your mission and values. Projects are not limited to ones mitigating CO2 and we have a database of over 100,000 projects if you need help in finding one.

Measure Emissions: We provide you with custom calculators and reports to measure, understand, and track your business-related travel emissions. We’re happy to offer technical support and consulting as needed.

Contribute Funds: Employees, employers, customers, and clients can contribute online based on the social cost of carbon, which is the best scientific estimate of the actual costs of emitting greenhouse gases. We also provide crowdfunding tools to help solicit additional funding if desired.

Support the Project: We transfer collected funds to the project(s) you choose.  Earth Deeds retains a 15% fulfillment fee to enhance our capacity to combat climate change and help other organizations become carbon conscious.

Celebrate: We offer social media tools to promote your efforts and the project you are supporting.  We also can provide a Carbon Conscious ecolabel you can display on your website and materials.

Earth Deeds wants to help your business do good and do well.

to get started today.

Example #1

An outdoor outfitting company calculates its CO2 emissions and supports habitat restoration at a local park.

Example #2

A business that runs a conference for corporate sustainability officers invites participants to account for their travel-related emissions and use onsets to fund an award to honor a sustainability project in one of their member businesses.

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