Amplify your philanthropic impact and expand others' awareness and action around climate change by creating an Earth Deeds matching fund.

By partnering with Earth Deeds you can attract additional funding for sustainability projects you are already supporting, empower others to help build healthy communities and ecosystems, and create compelling stories to further promote your philanthropy.

How it works:


  • articulate criteria for the types of projects you want to support (we can help).
  • decide what level of match you desire (or let us decide).
  • create an account with Earth Deeds you would like to make available for matching funds.


  • reach out to Teams wanting to onset their emissions and support your selected projects.
  • work with Team members to measure and account for their CO2 emissions.
  • send contributions and matching funds to the project and retain a 10-15% fulfillment fee.*
  • issue regular reports to you around amounts disbursed and how funds were used.
  • promote the Team, Project, and Donor via social media and a carbon conscious ecolabel.

Earth Deeds is ready to help you meet and exceed your philanthropic goals and is happy to offer technical support and consulting as needed.

To get started today.
*Earth Deeds standard fulfillment fee is 15% of collected contributions, but shares an additional 5% with Projects that develop their own Teams.  Your contributions are up to 90% tax deductible.

Example #1

A donor wants to create an award to honor and help implement top designs from a permaculture design course. She establishes a matching fund to subsidize participants to onset their course-related travel emissions and capitalize the award.

Example #2

Foundation supports Jewish community life and sustainability. It sets up a matching fund with Earth Deeds to support the creation of an organic garden at a Jewish Summer camp by subsidizing families to onset their travel related emissions.

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