Help your constituents become carbon conscious and support your work.

Do you want help in fighting climate change or promoting sustainable development? Earth Deeds offers funding to nonprofits and eco-ventures through our carbon onsetting program. Instead of buying carbon offsets, which have little transparency or educational value, we help individuals and groups account for the actual costs of their carbon emissions and contribute to meaningful sustainability projects - perhaps even yours!

Climate change is a systemic problem that requires systemic solutions. We, therefore, do not restrict ourselves to mitigation efforts and can transfer more funds to projects by avoiding 3rd party verification of emissions reductions. We support nonprofit, for-profit, and even unincorporated projects that have a positive and sustained impact in any of the following areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • CO2 mitigation
  • Climate adaptation
  • Climate education and activism
  • Climate justice
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable food

Here is how it works:

  1. Contact us so we can learn about your work and your needs.
  2. We evaluate your project based on our program criteria.
  3. We promote your project to groups that may want to support your work.
  4. Groups raise funds to onset their emissions and support your project.
  5. We send you 85% of collected funds and Earth Deeds retains 15% to offset our costs including bank fees and to further enhance our capacity tto combat climate change.
  6. You maintain a project profile and issue timely acknowledgements and updates.

Want to do more?

Learn how to make a conference or event carbon concious.

You can also partner with us to support more solutions! Think about what groups might already want to support you. If a group onsets their emissions and supports your project based on your referral you receive 90% of the funds they collect. Even if they choose to support a different project, you still receive 5%! We’re happy to offer technical support and consulting as needed.

Example #1

Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters use Earth Deeds to raise money for the CCL Education Corp and to educate people about solving our climate crisis through putting a price on carbon emissions and returning the revenues to households.

Example #2

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica is inviting their volunteers to understand their travel-related emissions and account for them by further supporting their reforestation work.

Earth Deeds is here to help your project create positive change.

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